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Staff Systems

Remote Staffing

Remote Staffing is an efficient and cost effective way to grow your operation. It offers some of the benefits of outsourcing (lower costs, processing expertise) but is different in that it does not require agencies migrate their agency management system or data to an external provider. With remote staffing, STAFF Systems is in control. What we provide is skilled and trained staff who plug into your system the same way agency employees would connect from home. In doing this we free up agency staff to focus on more productive tasks like soliciting more business or spending more phone time with customers. We Carefully Select the Tasks and Projects to be Remotely Staffed. Not every type of project and task can be remotely staffed. Projects and tasks that can be well-organized and managed with clear objectives are the best candidates. We Understand That You are Not Outsourcing Projects but Contracting Skilled, Experienced Labor on an as needed basis. Remote staffing does not mean outsourcing projects. It is contracting for and building a team of skilled, experienced staff. Budget Time for Training To ensure success -- take the time to train your remote staff and get them up to speed on your processes, systems, specifications, standards, and other details. Assign a Dedicated Manager to the Team A dedicated person should be assigned to manage, train, and direct the remote team on a daily basis. Establish a Regular Feedback / Review Process Good performance should be recognized and rewarded and consequences established for those that do not. Establish Clear Benchmarks and Realistic Expectations Look at the parts of a project that can be handled remotely, break them down into manageable pieces and make sure each one is done 100% correctly before moving on to other areas. This will build confidence in your team and ensure overall success. Take Advantage of Borderless Team Members Your team members might be working from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of time difference to create a 2nd shift. Establish a morning meeting to review work done during the night and then use internal resources to advance those projects and schedule a time in the evening to review expectations for the next day.

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