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Staff Systems


STAFFSYS has been serving leading retail players with comprehensive technology solutions and services to help them achieve higher store productivity, reduced shrinkages, and realize significant returns from their investments. STAFFSYS evolves a customized strategy for each customer to bring visible results in the short term (increased sales) and a competitive advantage (market share) in the long run. STAFFSYS works with industry specialists and customers through our Centres of Excellence in supply chain planning and execution, merchandizing and pricing, RFID, pharmacy in retail, in-store solutions, and trade promotions management. STAFFSYS has designed information systems that help customers balance the trade-off between greater SKU variety for consumers and the resultant complexity for the supply-chain. We have helped customers build data warehouses and applied state-of-the-art data mining techniques to make sense of the data and provide actionable reports. These have been integrated with CRM systems so that store managers can get a holistic view of customer preferences. STAFFSYS Retail practice is a framework of a consummate technical team, retail domain experts, and robust infrastructure collaboratively providing services in technologies such as Mainframe, J2EE, .Net, and Oracle. STAFFSYS has provided solutions in the areas of Vendor Management, Procurement, Logistics, Inventory, Store Shelf Management, Sales Accounting, Cash Management, Resource Management, and CRM.

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