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Staff Systems

Media and Publishing

STAFFSYS provides proven media transformation solutions that deliver a sustainable competitive advantage. We have proven our ability to conceive, strategize, and implement media transformation at some of the worlds largest publishing firms, making their success a vital part of our mission. Each of our clients has a unique business model and a different strategy to differentiate itself in a severely competitive space. In each case, our clients made use of our comprehensive knowledge bank, subject matter expertise, experience, and technological competence in implementing, training, maintaining, and constantly improving solutions. STAFFSYS understands the challenges faced by the Publishing industry in leveraging technologies to meet customer expectations. With our industry experience and expertise, we can help you apply innovation to the management of technology and shared services allowing you to focus on your core business. STAFFSYS provides consulting and IT services that help publishing companies innovate, define new strategies, and unleash the power of digital media to create value and differentiation. In fact, helping clients implement hi-tech online content delivery solutions successfully is one of the most rapidly growing focus areas within STAFFSYS Publishing practice. STAFFSYS has implemented large projects for publishing houses involving over 40 million text articles, 35 million images, and 13 terabytes of data. We have developed applications to support over 1,600 concurrent users, 2 million hits per day, 200,000 searches per day, and over 200,000 document retrievals per day, with response time guarantee of 3 seconds. Our customers have benefited from our expertise in handling paper- and film- based assets and providing new revenue streams. Some of our services to the publishing industry include Maintenance of subscriber databases and subscription renewals Maintenance of magazines, periodicals, journals, and dissertations Maintenance of incentive programs, royalty details, copyrights, promotional issues, and creating a knowledge base based on the desired information Content manufacturing, content management, and advanced search and retrieval

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