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Content Processing

STAFFSYS provides document scanning and data capture services covering high volume scanning of books, documents, drawings, microfilms and photographs. Our Kodak and Sunrise paper and microfilm scanners offer a total capacity of more than 500,000 images per day making us one of the largest capacity data capture service providers in Asia. Our expert technicians analyze the source material and scan them at the optimum settings for storage, viewing and OCR. In addition to OCR output, we can also capture word coordinates for highlighting search keywords on images. Depending on the content and product requirements, we can zone out article clippings, identify and capture data from front and back matter of publications, article headings, illustrations, etc. A few specific projects we have executed include Scanning and conversion of eighteenth and nineteenth century literature Scanning and conversion of nineteenth century periodicals Scanning and conversion of legal briefs Data Entry We also provide high volume automated data capture, manual keying from image, and OCR output correction to create or update metadata, index data or full-text. We maintain an accuracy rate of 99.9% or higher, as required by customers. Data Conversion STAFFSYS will help you meet your document conversion and information capture needs. STAFFSYS has the capability to create digital content from any source-paper, microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards, and electronic files and convert data to any industry or company standard or format, for example, TIFF, PDF, ASCII, EBCDIC, comma separated value, fixed format, SGML, XML, or other tagged formats. We create custom programs, if required, to automatically convert data into XML. We work with our customers to design Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for easy integration, manipulation and management. Content Repurposing Publishing companies reuse digital assets across delivery mediums and audiences. STAFFSYS enables repurposing of a customer content by Analyzing disparate content formats Designing a standard format to preserve the content important features that may be required to fit a new delivery or use scenario Converting the content into the standard format Loading the data into a single repository such as MarkLogic that allows easy search and retrieval Develop an interface for customized content retrieval, and repurposing of the content to match the end-user delivery preferences and environment The overall content repurposing solution and architecture is designed to meet the requirements for content management, rights protection, and access control Source Documents The source materials for digitization are generally obtained from customers in either paper, microform or electronic media. STAFFSYS has the capability to create digital content from any source - paper, microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards, and electronic files. Documents Preparation The source documents, such as books, newspapers, journals, or forms received are sorted, analyzed and prepared for scanning. Scanning STAFFSYS provides end-to-end document scanning and imaging services to organizations seeking best-practice document management solutions. We use advanced scanning technology to transform masses of diverse document types into digital files that can be converted, cataloged, searched, labeled, printed, or simply archived. Our imaging services include Large format scanning Book scanning Non-destructive scanning High volume document scanning Scanning from microfilm and microfiche STAFFSYS uses top-of-the-line, high-speed scanners such as Sunrise, NextScan, Wicks and Wilson to produce high-quality grayscale, bi-tonal or color images based on source and end-user needs. Image Enhancement The image enhancement process involves splitting of frames into individual pages, cropping, de-skewing and de-speckling of images. At this stage, quality checking ensures that the content portion from the page image is fully captured. Optical Character Recognition STAFFSYS utilizes state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools for higher levels of accuracy. STAFFSYS uses a combination of third-party products to meet the content structure, layout and accuracy needs for digital access by end users. Post-OCR Processing When processing old scripts and ligatures, the accuracy of the OCR output is enhanced by using STAFFSYS proprietary post-OCR processing tool. The tool uses heuristic, proprietary algorithms to enhance accuracy levels. Indexing & Abstracting STAFFSYS has a long and successful track record in information management. STAFFSYS subject matter experts have provided indexing and abstracting services to leading publishing companies, for a variety of content management projects. STAFFSYS automated indexing, categorization and abstracting tool helps increase productivity and throughput. Quality Control STAFFSYS adopts a multi-stage quality checking process for comprehensive troubleshooting and improvement of output quality. Using Six Sigma techniques, errors are trapped at early stages of production. STAFFSYS tracking software provides real time feedback on quality to the operators and ensures accuracy levels of over 99.95%. Deliverables Deliverables may be any or a combination of the following Converted data in preferred formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, GIF for images, delimited ASCII, XML, SGML, PDF or as per customer requirement Indexed databases Extensive search engines

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